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I manged to screw up my computer 3 times and reformat it all in one weekend, I want to screw it up one more time for old times sake.

Sep. 21st, 2008

Okayy well I scanned all of my pin hole picture so I thought I would post them and if you have any names or a collection that would look good so that I would put them on etsy as a set or with some super names.Time to kill your firends page Collapse )

There's more but I am too lazy to upload them all

Well if you do put it that wayy.

I looked at my new e-mails today there is almost 300, I am some what determined to get 1000 e-mails then not read a single one and just delete everyone and start over and aim for 2000.
Canada is Considered one of the greatest countries in the world to live. Why do you think this is? What makes Canada distinct? Why are Canadians so proud of their country, land and people? In your opinion, why is it great to be Canadian?

Holy shit I just want to shove this right back at him. Oh god and I will.

Aug. 28th, 2008

Media arts, History, Civics and Careers,English.

[Edit] I guess I will sorta undisappear or well appear for a while. Well summer kinda ended, accomplishments: 0. Well yes, I did get my classes, well I guess summer is really over.
Well I guess it doesn't really matter if you have nothing on your iPod if your headphones are dead.


hello. Today wasn't a very good day the train was late, the bus tour that we were going on was only going to go half way, so we decided to go shopping, but then it started to rain and everything felt way to expensive for me . I started to look at the moon party pictures a felt how much I miss everyone back home.  

[edit] it's better now that Nadal won.

England and Paris

Hi Hi, I am in England right now in a libary near where my great aunt lives
the plane ride was very painful though it is aweasome here and if you want me to bring something back for you, you must tell me and I will keep on the look out for something for you.  

bye bye