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londonsbridge9's Journal

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Hi, I am Miranda! Well...I do a lot of things, *glances and interests*. Uh...In Soviet Russia Fail is made of you!Uh ... WEll...I will not credit anyone's icons I don't hold back from stealing an icon I like (even if I know the person who made it) so if I stole your icon and your about to find out where I live and throw eggs at it, feel free to, they should really lock me up for how many icons I stole (it's getting into the thousands T-T), I should really credit though just to lazy. I do make my own icons sometimes, please steal, it makes me feel that I don't completely suck at it. I go W.C.C. art school, which sounds fancy but it's just is harder much harder.I am in the visual art program though I still suck at drawing really you should see they stuff my pencil throws up on the page. I do pretty random stuff, or thoughts that enter my mind I may be Lazy though I do have some goals and stuff like that in life, there just a little fuzzy.

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